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Empowering Organizations to Welcome Transgender Employees

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Through authentic conversation, personal stories, and practical examples, Trevor guides corporations on their journey to developing a culture where all employees are welcome to bring their authentic selves to work.


Trevor meets audience members at their level and fosters a brave space for anyone working to build transgender and nonbinary inclusion into workplace culture.


About Trevor

Trevor Boylston is the guy in the cube next to you who brings the ‘everyman’ perspective to working in a corporate environment as a transgender individual. Trevor’s decision to be open regarding his identity as a transgender man allowed him to develop an open communication path, welcoming questions from colleagues and creating space for growth and learning. With experience driving LGBTQ+ empowerment at a leading medical device company, and volunteer service with a leading LGBTQ+ community health center, Trevor brings an authentic view of how to foster an inclusive culture within a corporate structure.

Trevor currently resides in Massachusetts with his wife, toddler, and energetic dog. He works in Supplier Diversity and Sourcing, served on the Board of Directors for Fenway Health, volunteers on the training team for SpeakOUT Boston, and founded the Grafton MA LGBTQ+ community organization. He enjoys the sport of curling and spending time creating works of art from stained glass, wood, and acrylic.

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Recent Awards

2023 Top 25 Diversity Change Leader - DiversityPlus Magazine

2023 Corporate Support Award - National Veteran Business Development Council

2023 Workplace Culture Impact Award - Boston Scientific

2021 Business Impact Award - Boston Scientific

2021 Corporate Buyer of the Year for Supplier Diversity – Women’s Enterprise USA

2020 Supplier Diversity All-Stars – Minority Business News USA



Building an Inclusive Culture: Welcoming Transgender and Nonbinary Employees

Audience: Companies exploring LGBTQ+ Inclusion, HR Professionals, People Leaders, DE&I Professionals

Why do pronouns matter? What do I say and how do I say it?

Learn about more than inclusive language and pronouns in this 60-minute presentation and Q&A session. Trevor guides the audience through understanding the importance of building an environment where all employees are empowered to be their authentic selves. You will be empowered to explore how an inclusive environment increases productivity and employee retention, and understand the need to review policies and practices, create brave spaces, and welcome transgender and nonbinary employees into your organization.

Excellence as Your Authentic Self: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Audience: Allies, Transgender Individuals, Pride Organizations

Imperfect, Impermanent, Incomplete. How do those words come together to help you overcome imposter syndrome?


In this 60-minute keynote, Trevor brings the audience along the journey to recognizing personal strength, perseverance, and connecting with your authentic-self to achieve excellence.

Trevor’s communication style and approach encourages empathy, understanding and human connection to a topic that is often framed through dehumanization and ‘otherness’. He has been able to bring along people from all different stages of their inclusion journey and his candor helps to lower the defenses of even those most combative. I cannot begin to count the number of lives that Trevor has changed with his fact based and personal approach to the topics of transgender and non-binary inclusion in the workplace. Not to mention the number of individuals who have felt empowered to speak up and share their own stories after hearing Trevor speak so openly and authentically about his experiences and the experiences of transgender and non-binary persons. He has changed my own perception and understanding of these topics in untold ways and I hope we all have an opportunity to learn from him one day.

Olivia Truax, Sr. DE&I Consultant, Boston Scientific
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